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This Miniature Fireworks Stand Goes Out with a Bang

Mav Vasquez is an absolute mad man. Who else would go through the considerable effort of hand creating a miniature fireworks stand, complete with fully functional fireworks, only to blow it all up? Watch this video and you’ll probably be surprised at the amount of effort that he goes through to recreate these blasting beauties by hand. Each one was printed and hand constructed, down to filling them full of magical blasting powder, even if their fate was to ultimately blow up.

To get an idea for just how difficult things get when you’re building this small, consider this one example of a time where Vasquez’s fingers were too big to even put items on the shelf.

I used 2A, 5, and #3C Aven tweezers to place each piece onto the glued surface, because my fingers were too fat.


There’s a complete and well detailed gallery available on Imgur that shows each step with a bit of explanation. I highly recommend you check it out. While you’re at it, you may enjoy seeing more of Vasquez’s work on his Facebook page and Twitter.


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