Ever since I was an avid model-maker as a kid, and now a game modeler as an adult, I have been fascinated by sailing ship models and ships in bottles. The fact that people take the time to meticulously model all of the rope and rigging on a ship model has always been so impressive to me.

Last year, I backed the historical pirate tabletop wargame, Blood & Plunder. The game uses the most incredible resin-cast ship models. They are supposed to simply be game components, mere playing pieces for a game, but they are incredibly detailed and come with all sorts of hardware and accessories (e.g. deck cannons) to make them look as realistic as possible. I haven’t built mine yet, but I can’t wait.

One of the things I have been intimidated by is the idea of doing all of the rope rigging. But this how to article on the gaming site, 1000 Foot General, breaks the process down and makes it look very approachable. I’m inspired.