Our favorite kitchen nerd, Alex of French Guy Cooking, did a video recently on knife sharpening. Along with learning how to sharpen a knife, Alex also got a lesson in how many opinions there are when it comes to knife sharpening. In addressing some of that, he created this video describing knife sharpening angles and which angles are often used for which type of knife.


Alex even made a knife sharpening angle guide and template that you can print out and even use to make your own sharpening angle templates. He does just that and shows how he uses the templates.

There’s a fun surprise at the end when he teases a follow-up project to create an electronic angle guide that he’s developing in collaboration with the one and only Becky Stern. Looking forward to seeing that insanity. I love how Alex takes it, makes it his own, and then takes it too far. As William Blake famously said: “You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.”