Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern just bought some property with no buildings on it. He rented a small place to live while he builds his home and he needed a bed, a desk, and some other furnishings. He wanted things to be temporary, modular, and re-purposable. So, he came up with this loft bed design based around a scaffolding system.


The great thing about working with a system like this is that it comes with all sorts of extenders, couplings, brackets, leveling jacks, wheels, and other accessories. Ben took full advantage of all of this. He used two scaffolding pieces, a scaffolding deck (which he had to widen), and a leveling jack to create a loft bed, a night stand, a clothes hanger, and a waterfall table work desk. Being modular, he can take it all apart when he’s done and even eventually use it for its intended purpose, as scaffolding.