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Trash Panda Brings A Robotic Twist To Games

Slap the pads quickly enough and the little cardboard “trash panda” or raccoon will begin to magically slide up the face of this cardboard building. If you slow down, the trash panda just might fall back down. This simple yet effective game is actually an interactive robot. You can see as the camera pans around behind the whole thing, that the parts are nicely labelled so we get it.

This amusing demo is free to download, and is an example of some of the cool stuff you can do with the Adafruit CRICKIT system. I’ve been eager to see what kinds of things come from the CRICKIT platform ever since Adafruit teased it a few months ago. It looks like it is simple enough for people to get started building robotic things without having to first tackle an insanely steep learning curve, which I’m a big fan of.
I couldn’t find a full tutorial on on this, but you can download the python code on their github. I assume the full tutorial will appear soon.


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