“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – for us Halloween lovers, anyway. We love Halloween here at Make: as it is the perfect excuse for getting people excited about making. Even the most self-confessed non-maker is likely to at least do a project or two for Halloween, principal among these being pumpkin carving. While many are content with the classic carve of two slanted eyes and a jagged mouth, there are lots of things you can do to up your pumpkin game and none of them are very far from the most basic carving methods.

In these three videos, two YouTube makers, DaveHax and Crafting with Ellen, share some of the carving tricks. Things like carving off the skin but leaving the meat so that light can show through, using the stem as a nose, carving teeth separately and attaching with toothpicks, and making a true jack o’ lantern by drilling your pumpkin full of holes are just a few of things you can do.

Over the years, we have featured dozens and dozens of posts on pumpkin carving and other forms of Halloween makery. You can access all of our pumpkin carving content here.