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Weekend Watch: Dream It, Make It with Figments Made

Figments Made is a wonderful YouTube channel created by a talented and funny woman from New Jersey named Sharon. Sharon says she’s been a maker all of her life, but she decided to make it her full-time focus when she quite her job in the corporate world a year and a half ago. She writes:

I have a BA in Art which allowed me to experiment with many different types of materials and to discover that I’m a generalist and love working with many kinds of materials. Everything from cardboard to leather to metal. At the moment, being a maker and content creator is my full-time job. I get some of my greatest enjoyment out of making people laugh with my YouTube videos and my Instagram posts (don’t forget to read the hashtags). Making can be great fun and I hope my humor might bring more people to appreciate that. I also greatly enjoy being a part of the Maker community that is so full of welcoming and supportive people.

Here are a few of my favorites of Sharon’s videos. I love how every YouTuber expresses their creativity, storytelling abilities, and sense of humor in different ways. Sharon has her own style that is very entertaining, self-deprecating, and funny.


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