Maker Faire Milwaukee is happening all weekend, and you can check this blog for a constant stream of updates. There will be images, video, and maybe even some live streams from the event, so check back frequently!

How about another tour! watch me walk around Maker Faire Milwaukee!


Live from Maker Faire Milwaukee day two! Maker Faire Milwaukee

Posted by Make: Magazine on Sunday, September 15, 2019

This is such a cool method of being able to do huge art with a small machine. The little registration marks are quite clever.


These sculptures were just gorgeous! Her use of the engraved jewelry mixed with non-engraved was really nice.

This griaffe has a constant crowd around it. I really thought his controller was pretty clever. He can hide in the crowd with it .



The selection of Daleks here is amazing. Also, you can get a glimpse of how someone fits inside for driving them around!

Take a tour of Maker Faire Milwaukee with me!

Live from Maker Faire Milwaukee !

Posted by Make: Magazine on Saturday, September 14, 2019


Henry Martin brought some projects that he was proud of. He kind of offhandedly said the glove was “just some wearable project” but I loved it!


Binary is fun to learn, but difficult to get really fast at. Then again… that’s why we have computers, right?





Beauty and the Bolt is here, having princesses teach people how to use power tools!

the graphical waterfall from Pevnick Design is pretty cool. They’re having a guy wander around in a wizard costume and when people tell his magic want what to do, the waterfall does it!



Matt Stultz’s Pi-Caso did a portrait of me just now. This thing is so cool.




Is there anything more mesmerizing than a nicely done sand table? This one actually runs really fast compared to others I’ve seen.

At about an hour before the faire opening, the FIRST robotics teams were packed in, getting tons of stuff done. They were really hustling!

I got to sneak around a bit Friday night while people were setting up. Whoa, this is gonna be an incredible Faire!