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This Clever Trick Embeds Holographic Patterns In Your 3D Prints

This clever trick popped up on Reddit recently and I’m very amused. Apparently you can use textured sheets on your 3d printer’s print bed to imprint that texture on the first layer of your print. Sounds obvious right? Well, what if that textured sheet is fine enough to give an irridescent or holographic effect? Yup, that works too!

“Kryvian” shared this example where you can clearly see the original sheet they used, and then the resulting effect on prints. Simply stunning. Be sure to click through all 4 videos to see the full results.

Shiny prints

In the Reddit thread, they share that they purchased the sheet from “Tectonitor”. After some googling I found this shop, though I can not vouch for the shop itself. Please note that the price is in Taiwanese dollars, so it converts to roughly $20 bucks USD.


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