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Scrubber Times Handwashing With Your Favorite Tunes

20 seconds, the length of time you’re supposed to wash your hands, sounds so short. However, when it is time to get the lather going, 20 seconds can feel disproportionately long.  A timer to ensure you’re actually washing for 20 seconds is a rather useful tool right now. Deeplocal took this concept and spiced it up to entice you to get those hands perfectly clean.

Scrubber is the first project of our “Cabin Fever” series. During this pandemic, we’re applying our creative engineering expertise to some exploratory work.

Scrubber is a soap dispenser that doubles as a timer. When you activate it by depressing the dispensing head, it begins playing one of your favorite tracks from spotify, for a length of 20 seconds.

Building the Scrubber is surprisingly simple. All you really need are:

  • A raspberry pi
  • a speaker
  • some foil tape
  • wire and solder

In the video above, you can see that they have created a momentary switch with the foil, using the structure of the soap dispenser as the activation switch. Pretty clever! They also added an optional battery.

You can find all the files and information on DeepLocal’s Github, and we’re looking forward to the rest in their “cabin fever” series.


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