PLAN C LIVE is an online conversation with Dorothy Jones-Davis of Nation of Makers and Dale Dougherty of Make: Community and a panel of makers about the civic response to COVID-19. Thank you to those who have been participating as panelists and those of you who attended through Zoom.

The Atlanta Beats COVID-19 group was started by Georgia Tech grad student, Lee Whitcher, who is also a member of Decatur Makers.  Four makerspaces in the Atlanta area are working together to produce PPE.  Lee has also been working on respiratory mask that he’s calling the ABC mask.  In addition to Lee, our panel will include Irm DIorio, the Executive Director of Decatur Makers, Milt Walker of Southeast Makers Alliance and Lew Lefton of Assistant Dean of Information Technology at Georgia Tech. Grace Belangia of The in Augusta Georgia will also join us.