At ARS Electronica this past weekend, Anouk Wipprecht’s latest creation was announced. Project Pangolin is a creative approach to a brain computer interface or BCI. It uses this very interesting scale looking sensor array to read 1,024 points of data -brain waves –  and convert them to lights and motion on the model’s body.

At a glance, I didn’t quite get the the name Pangolin, but then when I saw the model being outfitted with the sensors, it all made sense.

Wipprecht teamed up with neurotechnology company Gtec and JKU (University Linz) to bring this project to life and it is an interesting exploration of how biological data can be used in our every day appearance. With Elon Musk in the news demoing the new Neuralink, we can’t help but wonder what we’ll see realistically unfolding beyond the runway in the next few years.