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Zmorph’s i500 Is Coming To Industrial Shops Soon

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Zmorph, the Polish company well known for their versatile and reliable machines will be announcing some new and exciting tech later this month.

On April 20th, we’ll get a chance to learn about the new Zmorph i500, an industrial grade 3d printer with fantastic price-to-capability ratio. Thanks to their custom extruder designs and filament flow system, they have achieved high reliability and easy maintenance that is necessary in these environments.

The last changes which have been taking place in Zmorph shows, that company is ready to achieve more. The new 3D printer, i500, will, for sure, open new possibilities to cooperate with the industry. 3D printing still has not shown all its capabilities and the Zmorph team wants to be part of creating this technology, which can be used more and more in factories. This time we deliver something unique in its class.

-Magdalena Jagiełło, CEO @ Zmorph

While their previous machines targeted more of a home and hobbyist market, the Zmorph i500 is aiming to find use in low-volume production, custom tooling, and rapid prototyping in areas like automotive, R&D, aerospace, production, military industries and similar.

Mark your calendars, April 20th is the big day!


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