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Molding And Casting Small Parts

This week’s video is all about how to cast small parts. Follow my journey about how I make a two part silicone mold and then cast black resin parts. I have some failures along the way that I share, so hopefully you can avoid some of my mistakes.

One of the parts actually takes me multiple times to mold in silicone to get right…I encountered an  undercut situation that I had not anticipated, that makes the part impossible to remove from the mold. This part needs to be remolded. Then I have an issue with a specific type of silicone curing that causes more chaos. Finally I am able to resolve the issue and move the project forward.

Ever wonder how to get black parts? Use clear resin of course! Using clear resin is the best way to tint your parts to the correct color you need. It is much easier than tinting a white resin. Clear resin does present its own challenges and usually needs to be pressure cast, due to it’s moisture sensitivity.

Ultimately I prevail and am able to make duplicate parts from the originals.


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