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This Profile On Shawn Thorsson Gives A View Into His Shop

Our buddy Shawn Thorsson recently got a fun profile done on him. As we sat watching, and drooling over Shawn’s fantastic work, we couldn’t help but think back fondly to when he made that massive ED-209 robot and documented it for us!

After you’ve watched the video and learned a bit about how Shawn got started, You’re probably craving more. Why not watch the entire build log of the Ed-209? If you want a peek into his design process before the first construction, also check out the introductory blog post.

That’s a crazy amount of work in an insanely short amount of time. Only Shawn could pull off such a build in our opinion. Of course, we wanted to harness his knowledge and skill, so we got him to write a book!

If you’re wanting to learn how to do this stuff as well, you should probably get a copy.


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