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Prusa3D Announces the Largest 3D Printer in Their Lineup, the Prusa XL

Prusa3D today announced their latest filament based printer, the XL.

This long-awaited machine rounds out their offering, balancing out the tiny Prusa Mini and the aging but still popular mid-sized MK3s. The XL has been a hot rumor for a while now and we finally have the specs.

Here are the specs we’ve gathered so far:

  • The new CoreX/Y design boasts a rather large footprint of 360x360x360mm (14″x14″x14″)
  • Modular heat bed to allow for regional heat and fix warp issues
  • New bed leveling system that uses pressure from the extruder itself
  • New extruder called the “Nextruder”, with a cycloidal gearbox and massive drive gear
  • Quick swap hot ends, with a PCB on the extruder for easy connections.
  • Updated interface and electronics, similar to those of the mini, where you get graphical previews

Bonus tease: Tool changing system.

Tool changers are getting to be a pretty popular item of discussion and Prusa looks to be developing their own version. The specs haven’t been released yet.

The XL will be shipping shortly.


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