This Gravity Defying “Chomp” Lamp Harkens Back To The Old Days Of Nintendo

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This Gravity Defying “Chomp” Lamp Harkens Back To The Old Days Of Nintendo

Retro gaming is such a fun topic. It’s interesting how beloved it is, both with those who lived through it and see it with the rose colored glasses of nostalgia, and those who are approaching it with fresh new eyes.

Aweirdguy tapped into this love with a project that looks deceptively easy, a floating “Chomp” lamp.

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The “Chomp”, a cannonball with teeth at the end of a chain, is easily recognizeable from the Super Mario games. It jumps out to try and eat you, only to be stopped by the chain, giving you an opportunity to squeeze by.

A Chomp lamp just wouldn’t feel right though, unless the chain were held taut. To achieve this, Aweirdguy used a trick even older than the Nintendo; stretching out a chain and welding the links to make it solid. This allows for the whole thing to be suspended in an apparently gravity defying position.

If you’d prefer a slower breakdown of how it was all built than what is shown in the video, check out the full Instructable.

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