Turn Your Pet Into A Loki Variant With This Quick Tutorial

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Turn Your Pet Into A Loki Variant With This Quick Tutorial

The new “Loki” TV series features many “Loki Variants.” One, in particular, broadened the concept of what makes “a Loki a Loki” by introducing Alligator Loki.

Image courtesy of Marvel / Disney+

My first reaction was “well, if a Loki can be an alligator, he surely could be a dog as well (or any pet for that matter).” So I designed and made this pair of horns for my dog, and made the template available so that you can make one too!

This tiny horn build uses a technique that allows the facepiece to be bent around your pet’s face for an exact fit. It uses two layers of thin, 2mm EVA foam with sculpture (armature) wire in between. The build takes only a few hours and the adorable photos will last a lifetime, or several, depending on your timeline. Speaking of photos, if you make this project, please tag me on Instagram @TechnoChic and #PetLoki so we can see all the adorable Loki Variants!

Find the full tutorial and template at TechnoChic.net


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