Calling Joss Whedon!

Joss Whedon has created a several memorable, cult-fave TV shows (Buffy, Angel, and Firefly), which have in turn inspired a whole lot of crafters to have some geeky fun whipping up projects like crocheted vampire-killing stakes and hand-printed greeting cards. (The Ravelry community alone hosts a Whedon-centric crafty group boasting over 900 members!)
Whedon’s latest project is a super-funny new online musical project called Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog, which has been garnering a ton of buzz. In fact, Joss recently joked to the press:

“Fact is, there’s been some buzz, but it hasn’t reached the places it would normally. Where’s our write-up in Crocheting Monthly? (I did a very sexy shoot for that one.)”

Be careful what you wish for! Crafty gal Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet and is now on a mission to interview Whedon, and is looking for crafters to help her spread the word. Visit her original post for some ideas on how to spread the word, which will hopefully get back to Whedon’s camp. Be sure to also visit CrochetMe for a free pattern to knit a “Jayne Hat” (pictured here on Kim, who is also holding a Jayne doll by Geek Central Station) inspired by the Firefly character Jayne Cobb.