Beating Heart Headband

Build a pulse-sensing headband that flashes a heart-shaped LED display to the beating of your heart! Full instructions for this episode of Becky's Workshop are available at Make: Projects: music by i am jen: Read more »

DIY iPhone Gloves – Becky’s Workshop

Subscribe! Use a bit of conductive thread to make your gloves work with your touch screen phone in this episode of Becky's Workshop. Find out more: Read more »

LED Embroidery

This picture of a frog catching fireflies is embellished with lights that bring the bugs to life. Conductive thread is the magic ingredient, bridging the gap between rigid metal and soft floss. To make a stitched scene light up, combine traditional embroidery techniques with a few common electronics components. The... Read more »

LED Shoe Clips

Twinkle toes! Make LED ruffles to customize your shoes in this CRAFT tutorial by Becky Stern. This easy soft circuit project can get you started in wearable electronics and uses the LED Sewing Kit available in the Maker Shed. Check out the full step-by-step: Read more »

Resistor Necktie

Construct a basic long necktie with stripes to represent your favorite value of resistor - fashion inspired by the electronics bench! Learn to work with slippery fabrics cut on the bias. Step-by-step tutorial: Music by i am jen. Read more »