Raspberry Pi: Up and Running

For those of you who haven't yet played around with Raspberry Pi, this one's for you. In this how-to video, Matt walks you through how to get a Raspberry Pi up and running. It's the first in a series of Raspberry Pi videos that we're releasing to accompany our new... Read more »

How-To: Get Started with the BeagleBone

If you're excited about getting into embedded Linux platforms for electronics projects, Matt shows you how to get started on the BeagleBone. By the end of the how-to, you'll be able to blink and LED, but hopefully you'll be inspired to take something on that's a little more complex. Get... Read more »

How-To: Holography

Did you know that you can make your own holograms? Matt Richardson shows you how to do just that with the Litiholo Kit, available in the Maker Shed: http://www.makershed.com/DIY_Hologram_Kit_p/mklh1.htm&Click=37845 For more information about the science behind holography, check out: http://science.howstuffworks.com/hologram.htm Read more »

How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects

If you have a simple Arduino project that uses only a few pins, you might be able to shrink it down to a single 8-pin ATtiny chip. In this video, Matt Richardson shows you how, based on a tutorial from MIT Media Lab's High-Low Tech Group. The best part is... Read more »

Enough Already: Silencing Celebs with Arduino

Matt demonstrates how he uses an Arduino to make a celebrity-silencing remote control for your TV. By decoding the closed captioning track in the video signal, the Arduino is able to look for keywords such as "PALIN" or "KARDASHIAN" and mute your TV, protecting your poor ears from having to... Read more »

PVC and Cable Dyeing

With this popular technique from Make: Projects, you can dye PVC pipe and extension cords any color you want. For full instructions on how to do this yourself, check out: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Cable-Dyeing/750/1 Read more »

How-To: Develop Film with Coffee and Vitamin C (Caffenol)

Did you know that you can develop your own black and white film with instant coffee, vitamin C, and washing soda? In this how-to, Matt Richardson walks you through making and using your own developer, which has come to be known as "caffenol." For more information, check out: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/07/skill-builder-caffenol-homebrew-film-developer.html Read more »

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