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M3D Micro

By Matt Stultz / Nov 14, 2015

M3D Micro
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M3D Micro

The M3D Micro is quite the looker — its smooth injection-molded body has almost no visible mechanics. Unfortunately, its micro print size, mediocre (at best) print quality, and shockingly slow print times don’t match its looks.


This machine is running, on average, 4 to 5 times slower than other printers — so slow, in fact, that we didn’t complete the testing during our weekend. I’m hopeful, however, that the mechanics can hold up to faster speeds and the issues can be sorted out in software. (Editor’s Note: This is why this review does not include a 360-degree view of the astronaut print unlike the other 3D printers in this buyer’s guide.)

M3D has chosen to write its own slicing and host software package. It’s a good start but could continue to see improvements.


I own and have access to a lot of printers, but could see buying the M3D as a fun novelty. I would not want this as my first or only 3D printer, but if you are looking for an extra toy, the Micro could be a good fit.


Price As Tested:$349
Build Volume:109×113×116mm
Bed Style:Not Heated, BuildTak
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament?:Yes, Custom spools fit the machine best
Temperature Control?:Yes, Tool head (240 °C max)
Print Untethered?:No
Onboard Controls?:No
Host/Slicer Software:M3D Software, proprietary
OS:Windows, Mac
Open Software?:No
Open Hardware?:No
Maximum Decibels:66.1

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Why To Buy

The Micro is usefull as as a novelty item, if you are really into 3D printing, or just want a cute, cheap printer.

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Pro Tips

If you lose power during printing, or move the print head while the power is off, you will need to recalibrate the machine. This is an automated process that should probably be run from time to time anyway.


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