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Vertex Nano

By Kelly Egan / Jan 19, 2018

Vertex Nano
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Vertex Nano

The Vertex Nano is tiny, with a 3″ square bed, but there are plenty of projects you could print on it. Print quality is generally good, with no problems using the default settings. The print surface is unheated BuildTak, so you’ll likely want to stick to PLA.

Some Quirks

The recommended slicer is currently only available for Windows. You can use another, but make sure your endstops are set up correctly. There’s no bed leveling, no extruder fan, and the printer doesn’t move away from a finished print.

Take It to Go

Aside from the fan, most problems could be fixed in firmware updates. We tested an assembled version — if you’re building your own, it may take some time to calibrate correctly. Still, a printer you can literally fit in your toolbox seems like a great option.

Vertex Nano Velleman
Price as Tested:$349 (kit)
Build Volume:80×80×75mm
Bed Style:Non-heated with BuildTak
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes
Temp Control:Yes, extruder (245°C max)
Print Untethered:Yes, SD card
Onboard Controls:Yes, LCD display and analog wheel for selections
Host/Slicer Software:Vertex Nano Repetier-Host
OS:Available for Windows only (or use another slicer compatible with your OS)
Open Software:Yes, Repetier is Apache-2.0
Open Hardware:No

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Why To Buy

The Vertex Nano is a tiny printer that would work well in cramped quarters. It‘s small enough you could take it with you.

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