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Zortrax M300

By Jonathan Prozzi / Jan 19, 2018

Zortrax M300
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Zortrax M300

The Zortrax M300 boasts a large build volume, precise prints, and support for a variety of materials. The assisted calibration is smooth and accurate, giving feedback as you tighten screws underneath the bed.

Pluses and Minuses

One standout feature is the perforated bed, which resulted in extremely solid first layers. The mandatory rafts were easy to remove, but you can’t cancel while they’re printing. I found it lacked some features that I’d expect at this price point, with just a single extruder, a long ramp-up time for each print, and a small and sometimes hard to read display screen.

Accurate, High-Quality Prints

The Z-Suite software is great for those who don’t want to tinker: just install, load a design, set the material, and slice. The M300 could be good for producing large, low-maintenance yet extremely high-quality prints.

Zortrax M300 Zortrax
Price as Tested:$3,990
Build Volume:300×300×300mm
Bed Style:Heated, perforated surface
Filament Size:1.75mm
Open Filament:Yes, as of April 2017
Temp Control:No for Zortrax brand filaments, Yes for third party, extruder (380ºC max); bed (110ºC max)
Print Untethered:Yes, SD card
Onboard Controls:Yes, LCD screen with analog wheel for selections
Host/Slicer Software:Z-Suite
OS:Mac OS X, Windows 7 (or later)
Open Software:No
Open Hardware:No

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The M300 is a sturdy, reliable printer that produces precise prints without the need to
get under the hood or adjust settings.

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