MAKE 32: Design for Makers


Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson and Audi. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design — then build them with tools like vacuum forming and laser cutting, and finish them with cases and interfaces that are artful, ergonomic, and irresistible.Plus you’ll get 23 great DIY projects like the Nellie Bly Smoker, the Awesome Button, the World Control Panel, LED Little Big Lamp, Laminar-Flow Water Fountain, and Keyless Lock Box, and meet amazing makers like costumer Shawn Thorsson, flying motorcycle builder Deszo Molnar, and more.

Table of Contents



Our new look, by design.Page 09

Reader Input

Punk science, loudspeaker breakdown, fun kid projects, and a father-and-son story.Page 10


The {unspoken} rules of open source hardware. Page 12

Making It Legal

Protecting your ideas.Page 17

Maker’s Calendar

Events from around the world.Page 19

Made on Earth

The world of backyard technology.Page 20


Mad Props

Costume maker Shawn Thorsson shares what drives him and shows off 17 of his costumes.Page 28

Industrial Design for Makers

Make your project better through smart design.Page 44

Extreme Makeovers

How MAKE overhauls projects to make them shine.Page 54

The Flora

Adafruit’s new wearable electronics platform. Page 61

The Case for Good Design

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, but an attractive case catches everyone’s attention. Page 80