Probably not a good idea to try this out depending on where you live, etc.. etc.. here’s the “world’s simplest radio jammer”. The project uses a 100 MHz crystal which I haven’t seen, the page goes on to say that it was procured out of some old circuit board from the 90s. Link.

  • BrK

    This is a classic Afrotech story. One of the best “mods” sites around.

  • shortname

    It is very short on details…can anyone point me to more detailed information?

  • alankilian

    The reason it interferes with a large band of frequencies is because it is trying its best to produce a 100 MHz SQUAR wave which is the sum of every odd-frequency harmonic of 100 MHz sinewave.

    So, when you broadcast it, anyone looking for a sinewave on practically any grequency sees a signal, and this signal interferes with the official signal.

    But it would be bad to build one of these.

  • airship

    You also need to check out this guy

  • airship

    You also need to check out this guy’s speaker system, which is based on old hard drive mechanisms (the heads dance to the music!), and his dangerous-looking professional soldering center controller. Afrotech is a 1337 haX0r.

  • Novysan

    Here’s 10 of ’em!


  • Novysan
  • wsuverkropp

    These are not ‘crystals’ but integrated crystal oscillators, that indeed produce a square wave output. Keep in mind you’ll also be blocking local cordless phones (911 blocking, not a great idea imho).

  • alankilian
    Do not (Damn apostraphe problem again. ARGH!!!) kill yourself trying to outbid Mr P. T. since you can get 106.25 MHz jobbies from DigiKey any day of the week.
    Jameco.com also has 100 MHz TTL oscillators for $2.49
  • HarryDangler

    I ordered in a 100mhz crystal oscillator and hooked it up. Guess what, that’s right it oscillates at 100mhz. It did not interfere with any other frequency. Project failed.

  • ewbaker

    What would be great is an FM jammer with the ability to increase or decrease the jamming. I sit in a cubicle, and the person next to me, despite frequent requests to stop, plays their radio. Ever try to code c# listening to the Jerry Springer show? (It’s a ‘tv’ radio).

    If I could turn up the jamming power enough to just jam the radio in the cubicle next to me, that would be excellent.

  • miscblogger

    this would have been really handy in the dorm where i used to live. I used to have someone living next to me who would always turn up the radio! it was so annoying!

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E227OUR4QLSGAMQ7TK27KPUB6M Joey Bowen

    It is a 100 Mhz Crystal Oscillator… in any case thanks for the interesting post on how to build a radio jammer.

  • Frederick Bauer

    if the alpha wave, the brain, is between 7 and 12 Hz then why would you want to start at 100?, we need something from o to infinity with a limited perimeter, something like ten to fifteen feet, just a personal jammer for sine(heart) and the other for alpha (heart), I am tired of having slight arithmia from assholes with a sine generator, that will kill a person, and alpha, mind telephathy, I am tired of thinking to assholes I do not know, can you believe they even fuck with my dreams?, I do not want to kill them I just want to jam them so they will stop using my electronic equipment.

    • Frederick Bauer

      you should work for the Federal Government Bauer and save us from all of this death

      • Frederick Bauer

        I am the third Frederick Bauer to agree, now you the Federal Government tell me who I am or you are or we are or where I am transmitting from if you think there is a problem

  • Sudheer

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