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  • Make:cast – Find Your Next Adventure

    David Lang, author of Zero to Maker, and co-founder of OpenROV, recently decided to stop doing what he had been doing for years and begin looking for something new, looking for his next adventure. During a pandemic, it seems hard to think about your next adventure. Yet I suspect that many are thinking about what’s next, and preparing ourselves for a new challenge. David says it’s just as scary this time as it was back when he walked into TechShop not knowing anything about being a maker. He seems to be following his interest in science and how scientists can learn from the maker movement. There is a need to encourage participation by more amateur scientists — people who do science because it is an adventure, rather than a career.

  • Rheoscopic Storm Globe

    Forget boring snow globes — build a swirling tempest for your desk using magnetic stirring and LED lightning!

  • Arduino Powered Garage Parking Sensor

    Use an Arduino and LED strip lights to dock your land- yacht with precision

  • Upcoming Classes: Learning Fusion 360, Origami Circuits, and Architecture For Kids

    The classes you can find on just keep getting better and better! Right now you’ve got a chance to get your feet wet in CAD design with Billie Ruben, in her class where you learn how to design a chess set. You could upgrade your creative skills by learning how to do folding origami […]

  • Supporting Maker Education through the Infy Maker Awards

    As a result of COVID19, this past year has presented a magnitude of challenges to learning and education that has not been seen before. The sudden flip to a remote or hybrid model has made learning more difficult for some and nearly impossible for others, particularly those in low-income communities and communities of color. I’ve […]

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Build A Simple Sterilizing Oven For Covid-19

Build a DIY UV-C Sterilization Cabinet to Fight Covid-19

Sew Your Own Face Mask From Scratch

Build A Peltier Coaster To Keep Your Coffee Warm — Or Cold

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