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  1. lwatcdr says:

    Does anyone know if the current CVS camcorder is still hackable?
    I thought that they closed the hole.

  2. _l0ser says:

    What happened to the comments?

  3. morcheeba says:

    The hackability is still a cat-and-mouse game. If you get a new camera, it may be a while before it is hacked. Check here for more info:

    If you don’t want to mess with the hacking portion of the project, good news. Pure digital has started selling these cameras without their business model attached (essentially pre-hacked cameras), for about $130 (wow, that’s a lot of money!). You can also use one of their normal cameras in the rocket and just return it to them for processing (total cost = $45 per 20 minutes).

  4. Bre says:

    In order to fix the mp4 link and the aggregators link to the media file on this post, I had to repost it and I lost the comments. Please repost your links!