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  • onebitpixel

    Was the digital edition supposed to be a free (complete) preview of the craft magazine?

  • philliptorrone

    onebitpixel – if you’re a subscriber, yup.

  • Oracle1729

    I subscribe to both magazines and access to the Digital editions works perfectly, they are a great complement to the magazines. I just have to force myself not to read the whole magazine online before I get the print version because I know I’ll enjoy it more in print :).

    I still haven’t received the t-shirt that was offered with Craft though. When do those go out?

  • philliptorrone

    Oracle1729 – they haven’t gone out yet, but i will check and see if we can post an ETA

  • Oracle1729

    Thanks Phil. I’m not in a huge rush to get it, I was just worried since I had my magazine in hand and no shirt that something went wrong and I missed mine.

  • Vrogy

    I used to make maille all the time, I even tried making a lorica plumata once… scale woven into chain.

    I wear this chainmail bracelet all the time- it’s woven on.

  • Cathaholic

    Oh, by the way, if anyone is interested in making chainmail/chainmail products. The links are much better if they are sawed and not cut with wire cutters. It just works better, fewer snags and a bunch of other things. If you make your own mail then wrap a high strength wire around a dowell and cut it with a dremel or something. That’s what i did.

  • swampy-uk

    If you want to experiment and try a load more patterns and weaves, check out as well.