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jkOnTheRun has a great trick for cleaning the Mighty Mouse trackball:

First slightly and carefully moisten the ball, I used spit on my fingertip. :) Then take a clean sheet of paper and turn the Mighty Mouse upside down. Run the ball rapidly in all directions on the paper. In about 5 seconds my problem was fixed as the dirt worked itself loose and came out on the paper. I love my Mighty Mouse again. :)

Check out the posting for more details and some suggestions in the comments. – Link

Brian Jepson

Brian Jepson

I’m a tinkerer and finally reached the point where I fix more things than I break. When I’m not tinkering, I’m probably editing a book for Maker Media.

  • jason_striegel

    This is so weird. My trackball just crapped out on me this evening and I was thinking I would have to figure this out on my own. Nice work guys!

    By the way, I’ve had some luck in the past with using a thin strip of Scotch tape and using it to de-blattify the thing. I’m giving the new method a shot now, though, because the tape method didn’t do the job this time.

  • jason_striegel

    Wow! Took about 5 seconds and worked like a charm!

    Best Mighty Mouse cleaning method. Ever.

  • bjepson

    I couldn’t believe it myself; I had given up on my Mighty Mouse.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot. Works great and really quick and easy!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a genius! Worked like a charm.

  • Anonymous

    So simply, so effective. Me and Mighty back again! Thanks!!

  • Steve

    Excellent fix!
    I was all set to dismantle my mouse when I found this advice – so glad I saw this first.

  • Zach

    I confess, I was skeptical but there was no harm in trying it. It worked superbly, and the trackball feels exactly like new again! I’ve had the mouse several years and the trackball was continually degrading to the point where it finally became unusable. Many thanks!

  • Raj

    Dude, I was about to buy a new one and made one last search to see if people were having the same problem. It worked like a Charm! Sick!

  • Bee

    Thanks!! That was amazing!

  • Meister

    Thank you.

  • Wizard

    Saved me trip to Apple! Thought I was screwed on my project, thanks for posting.

  • John Lozier

    ditto, worked great, I was ready to throw it away.

  • raul



  • Michael Holly

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought I had to buy a new mouse.

  • marky

    hell yeah. as simple as that sounds, it totally worked.

  • Jeffu

    *bows and worships*

  • Joe


  • Justin

    I’ve successfully used the spit on your finger method before but it didn’t work this time until I found your post and tried drawing spit pictures with the trackball on a piece of paper. Now I’ve got a happy mouse and picture for the fridge. Thanks!

  • bow chicka wow wow

    I’ve tried everything and this really worked… Thanks!…

  • Joel

    This is the best fix I ever came across, I was about to chuck this thing across the room!! Honestly, your tools are spit and clean paper.. digg’d.

  • joEy

    Holy crap, it worked!

  • Bruce

    Best five seconds I ever spent. You’re a genius!

  • Rusty


  • Art Vandaley

    Holy crap! This is amazing. You are a god among men, truly.

  • H man

    I’m baffled! The spit trick worked perfect right away! I was about to take the whole mouse apart – what a magnificent solution, thanx dude

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap that worked!! Thanks a lot!!! :)

  • TURK

    Apple should buy this idea from you!!!

  • Anonymous

    it worked!!!! thx a million.

  • Mike

    Un-freakin-believable… I assumed the mouse would never work properly again….and such a simple fix! I am befuddled with amazementness

  • Billy

    This has worked in the past, but didn’t work this time. Darn.

  • Billy

    It didn’t work the first time but, it took my several times and some compressed air but the paper and saliva trick did it.

  • Anonymous

    this is why the internet is great. type “mighty mouse problems” into google…clink on the first link…and find something like this. worked perfectly. nice job

  • Leon van der Graaff

    But after all. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Then the last solution is to open the Mighty Mouse and clean the ball from inside.

    You have to break one glued part. But it is easily reglueable. And it saves you from buying a new mouse.

    I followed this for opening the mouse.

    And cleaned the trackball. It worked. I’m happy scrolling around again.

  • uobio

    if you thaugt that i am another guy saying how great this method is…. than you’re right! you helped a lot of people here! im here to thank you.

  • Blaq Liquid

    Usually if I see a tip I try it and if I like it I just go along my merry way.

    But I HAD to take the time out to say thanks for sharing this bro. You’ve no doubt collectively saved people thousands of dollars because we would have replaced our mighty mouse because of this problem.

    Good Lookin Out!

    Blaq Liquid

  • RomeoCharlie

    I thought I had tried everything, but your solution worked like a charm. One more thank you for saving TWO mighty mice from the garbage can.

  • DoubleJ

    Worked like a charm. My mouse pooped all over the piece of paper and now it works like it did out of the box. And to think that I was just about to buy a new one…

  • b


  • b



    also if you like, used some canned air to blow things out. great tip

  • ian

    worked like a charm!!!!! :)
    my trackball had stopped scrolling down, and i used this trick and now its works again!!!

  • Emily

    Wow, this worked easily and quickly! I’d found other tips at some sites and they didn’t really work well. This one does. Heck, I just turned it upside down on my mouse pad and it worked fine after a little rubbing!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive – worked in 10 seconds, just saved me £50!!

  • Anonymous

    You should package this and sell it in small costly bottles. You would make a fortune, which you deserve. Believe it dude

  • mark Murashige

    Hey that was amazing. I was skeptical and just about out the door to buy a new one! Thanks you saved me 70 Bucks! Works like new…..

  • Ed

    Indredible… I was about to get this mouse back to the place I bought it for repairs… This method works great! The apple geniuses should know about this one… The supposed apple genius I talked to yesterday was stumped…. and advised a Microsoft Mouse of all things believe it or not!!! Go Apple Store LA!

  • d0st03vsky

    Let me add to the pile-on of praise: awesome.

    This is the top link for a google of “Mighty Mouse trackball”. Perfect!

  • Jonathan Li

    I was thinking, shite, another product gone to the crapper. Thankfully I came across this post! You’re definitely a saviour!

  • Dave

    This is one of the BEST EVER fixes.
    Love it – you deserve an award for this!

  • Brian

    How often does a trick like this actually work? Thank you so much.

  • jc

    it’s ridiculous how well that worked, thanks so much!

  • MichaelJ

    Guess what, spit didn’t work. But RUBBING ALCHOHOL did.

  • tino

    this ACTUALLY worked…..amazing =D

  • jfarns

    okay, first, take a deep sip of red, preferably a cabernet varietal. swallow. inhale. now spit on the mighty mouse and do the paper trick.

  • worufu

    I am happy again.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, you just saved me 60 bucks!

  • marlo Medrano

    Thanks a LOT!

  • Trey

    Mouse is less than two weeks old. Thought there was no way it was dirt. Thank you for proving me wrong.

    You are a genius and a scholar.

  • Anonymous

    OH my goodness! Ive been trying for weeks to get the scroll to work again. Apple owes you bigtime. Thanks for the post!

  • Anonymous

    Absolute genius

  • keith

    Holy Cow, I was about to buy a new mouse!
    You saved the day and my wallet thanks you!

  • Anonymous

    it absolutely works! thanks so much!

  • Vancouver Guy

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Just so you know, I used nail polish remover.

  • Anonymous


  • George

    Dude that was brilliant. I read what said and laughed at first. I was ready to break this thing apart and tried what you said and sure enough. She works like new. Thanks for saving my Mouse’s life. It would have been a gonner if i tried to take it apart. :)

  • Happy Mouser

    I can now forgive my sticky fingered 15 month old for gumming up my mouse. Great trick! Thank you — I think Apple should send you a free goodie!

  • Anonymous

    thank you so much! you are a computer god! i was also about to take the thing apart….

  • Anonymous

    wow… it has been like this for a year and a half now, and i all-of-a-sudden feel like my mac is fully functional!! You rock!!!

  • Andrew Dever

    My mouse is now screwed after trying this :-)

    How did I get it so wrong and so many people got it soo right!

  • Saucejuice

    Thanks man! I’m glad I didn’t spend $50 to have apple give me the same solution over the phone. And Thank you google for providing the answers to all of life’s problems!

  • Christine

    It worked great thank YOU!

  • Anonymous

    YOU ARE A GOD! why didn’t I find this tip 6 months ago?

  • Deb

    Thanks very much for that – was wondering if I would have to buy a replacement!

  • mos

    I’ve already returned a few of these and I thought, shit, not again. Thank you so much. Works perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    My Mighty Mouse is back to usable! GReat advice!

  • brainFn

    Thought I’d have to head to the Apple store. That was a real easy solution. Didn’t think about rolling it about on paper. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    All the mighty mice at my university’s computer lab ave track ball troubles. I almost had a heart attack when my mouse started giving me trouble, but holy smokes, this was genius.

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