Frank writes –

I connected a Wii Nunchuck controller to an Arduino, which takes the data from the controller’s I2C data bus, decodes it, and send the data to the robot with a radio transmitter. Charlie uses a radio receiver to get the data, and it will control the drive servo system and the pan tilt servo system using the data. The Nunchuck has a 3 axis accelerometer, a joystick, and 2 buttons, it is absolutely awesome to use with a RC robot like this.

Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot – Link.

  • BigD145

    Cool use of the Nunchuck, but I had to turn my sound off. Listening to him makes my brain hurt. *cue Monty Python sketch*

  • EvilSpeeder

    I’m actually working a very similar project right now. I’m doing a tank with a pan/tilt camera. I wish the link wasn’t broken, I’m really interested in how the wireless was implemented, that’s the part I have yet to do.

  • shnot

    pretty sure what they made is an rc car, not a robot.

  • frank26080115

    you’re right, shnot, but it can also do line following and other robotics stuff depends on the program I write for it and what sensors I decide to hook up.

    there’s a line following video in my youtube account.