• Maximillian

    Very cool!

  • Dan G.

    It looks like a fun project, but I think calling this a Theremin is like calling a Kazoo a Violin. :)

  • monopole

    Not a theremin since a theremin relies on capacitance to sense and generate sound, with differing lateral positions corresponding to different sound.
    Still cool.

    Actually a more accurate theremin simulator could be made using the tracking tech in a Wiimote:

  • nand

    monopole I think you’ve contradicted yourself there. A wiimote based theremin simulator would be no more accurate than this arduino based theremin simulator. Granted there would be more processing power behind the wiimote version (as you’re hooking it up to a pc).
    Fantastic project and I wish I had thought of that use for the ultrasonic rangefinder. Think I’ll need to try this project out myself.

  • fynflood

    The title does say ‘theremin-like’

    I’ve done this one myself, takes about 3 minutes to get going, and fun to annoy the cat with ; )