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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Timmy writes –

First published in 1882 this timeless bestseller by one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America is chock-full of cool projects, games and crafts for every season of the year.

Filled with black & white illustrations and schematics, this guide for American boys, is organized by season and is full of instructions, suggestions and advice about kites, fishing, knots, telescopes, tents, soap bubbles, animals, snowball warfare, puppets, kaleidoscopes, whirligigs, costumes, decoys–even fireworks!! The emphasis is on building things yourself, and to that end it is an extremely valuable handbook for our increasingly passive society.

*found it at barnes and noble in the clearance / limited copies section, picked it up for $9 well worth it if you ask me :)*

The Original Boys Handy Book – Link.

  • Bob

    Um…that’s Handy Book, not Handbook

  • John Wasser

    This appears to be the same as “The American Boy’s Handy Book”. You can get it new in two different editions from Amazon. The Dover edition is $9.95. The Nonpareil edition is $10.36. I received the Nonpareil edition as a gift back in the late 60’s and really enjoyed it. I’d recommend it as a gift for any child.

  • Peter

    I got this book as a gift about ten years or so ago. It is amazing… I spent countless hours with it and it is now in three pieces… some books just weren’t meant to be paperback…

  • zach

    Very good book. Would be nice to have in hardcover… my softcover’s sort of falling apart. Much better than the similar-looking Dangerous Book for Boys.