The latest DIY ideas, techniques and tools for the industrial arts from metal and woodworking to CNC machining and 3D printing.

Skill Builder: What Wood Finishes Are The Most Eco Friendly?

Study up on quality woodworking finishes that won’t destroy the world

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Reuse Hollow-core Doors To Make Plywood and More

Reusing isn’t new, but items deliberately made from reclaimed materials have become statement pieces. The “upcycling” movement and rising interest in eco-conscious wares has given value to the valueless. Decrepit and dangerous barns once left to decompose are now painstakingly picked for profit. Even shipping pallets have earned a place as sought-after sources of wood. […]

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5 Ways Woodworkers Can Benefit From Designing In CAD

In principle there seems to be a vast difference between woodworking and 3D modeling. Woodworking uses manual tools and natural materials to create physical items that you can touch, feel, and use; 3D modeling uses computers and screens to make virtual designs that only exist in the digital realm. They can be seen as opposites, […]

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Make:cast – Scott Swaaley – Engineer, Educator & Entrepreneur

Subscribe to Make:cast on Itunes or Google Podcasts. You can also find it on Spotify, Deezer, Podcast Addict, PodChaser and Spreaker. A list of previous episodes of Make:cast can be found here. Scott Swaaley of Make Safe Tools As a maker, San Diego-native Scott Swaaley is a triple-threat.  He can build things; he can teach; […]

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10 Tips for Converting a 3D Printer to Pellet Extrusion

Make the switch from extruded filament to closed-loop recycled plastic pellets with these helpful tips

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Make:Cast – How Hard Can It Be?

In this episode, I talk with Tim Deagan in his garage workshop in Austin, TX.  He says his lifelong motto has been: “How Hard Can It Be?”, even though he has repeatedly learned that most things are indeed harder than they initially look. We talk about creating Flame Effects, Propane Patio Heaters and the resurgence of Ham Radio during Covid-19.

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