An anonymous reader sent us a link to these neat speakers made from used cans. Oddly enough they convey a rather chic sense of style. The instructions are written in german – but you can pretty much infer the necessary steps from the supplied images. I’m guessing they may sound a bit “tinny”? – Link

Fold-Up Speakers – Link.

From the pages of MAKE:
Make Pt0258
Make – Volume 12 – Styrofoam Plate Speaker (DIY: Music) (Page 131) – Link.

  • Michael Una

    Oh man, “tinny”?

    You just had to go there, didn’t you.

  • Mac Cody

    I’d say that these are speakers for the maker with a “can do” attitude! ;^)

  • Collin Cunningham

    Oh Lord, what have I done?

  • jso

    Tinny? ha!

    I may be punchy and over-caffeinated right now, but that is easily the best pun i’ve heard in 2008.

  • EJ

    Hmm, technically those cans are steel not tin. So this is really a case of irony.

  • Collin Cunningham


  • nate

    I bet they listen to a lot of heavy metal.

  • Mac Cody

    Or maybe Steely Dan?

  • Collin Cunningham

    Which, at excessive volume levels, can lead to tinnitus.

  • Mac Cody

    But that isn’t related to having a “tin ear”, which can exist for the listener at any volume level.

  • Agent-John

    Save Ferrous – err, Ferris!

  • Collin Cunningham

    C’mon now, that was completely unrelated. If you can’t stay on topic I’ll have to ask you to can it

  • Monk

    Those would be Soup’r!

  • macegr

    It’s a good idea, and you won’t have to fork over too many beans for these.

  • Mac Cody

    Another application of these speakers would be to install them at the Moulin Rouge to provide the appropriate touch when the ladies do the can-can. Please don’t hit me!