This project was a challenge to create a wall avoiding rolling robot called “Walbot”. The bot uses an Arduino and is very effective at avoiding obstacles, almost giving it a neurotic personality. Check out the video for details and follow the how-to link below.

Build a wall avoiding robot!

  • Anonymous

    The robot is cool, but if you are going to do fancy intros, you should at least use a spell-checker.

    • Jonah Brucker-Cohen

      don’t see any spelling mistakes, i think you need to get your eyes checked?

  • Anonymous

    Love the intro :)

  • Jordan

    It would be better if it followed the wall instead of just avoiding them. Heres an example that I built last summer of one that follows a wall.

  • Anonymous

    MABEY you should watch the intro again…

  • Brandon Sweeney

    That’s awesome I never thought my robot would be on the Make blog… sorry for the spelling errors though, I did go back and fix them and I changed the video on instructables but forgot to change the video on SOR’s site.

  • Avishek

    This robot is very nice. Can anybody help me to get the full circuit or schematic. pls reply me.