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  • John M.

    Aren’t pallets made of pressure treated wood? If so, they will leach toxic chemicals into the soil in the planter. Please don’t grow edible plants in there and it could harm the frogs also.

  • Becky Stern

    Not that Wikipedia is the ultimate authority on this, but it makes no mention of pressure treated wood in the “Materials Used” section of the pallet article:

  • GabrielMcGovern

    Pallet beds don’t need to look ugly. Check out the bed I made for my wasabi:

    Oh, and most pallets are made from raw wood. Just don’t use the ones with even pucker marks. Those are treated.

  • Chris

    I’m pretty sure they aren’t pressure treated, but I can tell you there are much easier (if not cheaper) ways of getting wood. The “nails” that hold together pallets are weird hybrid nail-screw things without a screw head. I pulled apart a whole mess of them for wood for an art project, and I can tell you I’ll never do it again

  • Marian

    Not all pallets are treated, They need to be treated when shipped internationally, but not when shipped within country.

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