Carl Morris from Orlando combined misting water jets with ever-versatile PVC pipe to create 100% brushless Kidwash 2 – Keeps kids clean and refreshed! – KidWash 2 : PVC Sprinkler Water Toy

Check out the instructable for the lowdown on how to build your own – KidWash 2 on Instructables

  • Stephen Gentle

    This is illegal where I live! You are not allowed to wash cars, windows, or water gardens (actually, maybe just with buckets) either – ever since our dams dropped lower than 20% capacity.

    They’ve since doubled in total capacity, but we still have restrictions until we have another 20% – which could be a long time given the state of things.

  • Anon

    Bummer for you, Steve. The rest of you, build on!

    I’m thinking of building one and charging kids a nickel to drive thru it.

  • t

    really stupid comment anon. there’s a worldwide water shortage and wasting water with this kind of contraption is unbelievable. it usually takes some time for some people to realize that everybody has to participate – it’s not only “other people’s problem”. if you don’t believe me, we’ll talk again in 10 years. in the meantime, conserve water!
    i thought makers and dyi’ers would be a bit more sensitive to these issues.

  • Anon, again

    Spare me. How many electricity-wasting, waste-heat-generating projects are posted here every day? Who really needs a multiple-color-cycling LED, anyway?

    You want green projects, there’s probably a more appropriate place for you online. Drop us a line here when you find it.

  • anon anon

    the concerns about legalities for this ‘totally fun looking’ project might be circumvented by calling it a pet cooling station (irrespective of the dimensions). My dogs would love it!


    kids having fun, oops

  • Kim

    This looks really awesome, and if you’re against wasting water, etc. just don’t make it…. We all look for ways to keep our children busy during the summer months… Like I said if you’re against it, that’s your prerogative..

  • Melissa

    Just don’t leave it running all day, duh. If the mist is fine enough- it probably uses very little water. I guarantee you that it uses FAR less water if runs for 15-20 minutes than filling even a little kiddie pool. (If you go with the kiddie pool- at least water your garden afterwards with the water.) Besides- it is a fun way to cool off instead of blasting the (energy-sucking ) AC all day. I’d make this for my daughter and enjoy a delicious, organic popsicle while she played.