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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing they’re some sort of water crate.

  2. Fredex says:

    “Crate” is a better translation than “box” as you might guess from the link to Milk Crate Digest.

  3. Dries says:

    The “water boxes” are indeed crates, holding from 6 to 12 glass bottles of water. I think in this particular case it are the crates of the brand SPA – as shown on :

  4. herzleid says:

    “Wasserkiste” is simply the crate in which you carry home bottles of water you buy from the store. You buy them in convenient 6-packs like this. In e.g. Sweden, you could buy any 1,5 liters, bottled water or soda beverage in this kind of crates (although only 4 in one and the crates are yellow).

    Found a good stock photo for the ‘regular’ use:

  5. jelle meersman says:

    its the crate in wich glass waterbottles are sold with 6 at a time, for easy storage and transport

  6. BigD145 says:

    I hope that monstrosity doesn’t end up IN the ocean, but somehow I think my hopes will be dashed.

  7. JC says:

    Hi, where did you get these picutes, they’re from 2003. This construction was built for an art venue all along the Belgian coast. It was indeed made of crates to carry 6 waterbottles of SPA, and it was partially submerged when the sea was at high tide. It has already long disappeared. It was quite fun though for the kids to run around in. See the archives on the link :