The Tinkerbell leather handbag:

Based on Paris Hilton’s discarded pet Tinkerbell is an upside down dead Chihuahua. This design capitalizes on the trend of carrying a small dog as a fashion accessory.  


Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern (sternlab.org is a DIY guru and director of wearable electronics at Adafruit. She publishes a new project video every week and hosts a live show on YouTube. Formerly Becky was Senior Video Producer for MAKE. Becky lives in Brooklyn, NY and belongs to art groups Free Art & Technology (“release early, often, and with rap music”) and Madagascar Institute (“fear is never boring”).

  • Jo

    Wow, this is too cute! If I only carried a purse, this would be fab. But it is a little hard to carry around my bulldog. :)

  • BG

    so someone out there DOES remember our tinkerbell’s fate! :p wonder what the bbf’s of hilton’s reality show will end up as…?

  • findingom

    So it doesn’t look like it is, but is this MADE of leather? If it is then I don’t see a difference between having an animal for accessory purposes (which bare in mind I do not agree with) vs. carrying a hand bag made of leather. You’re still carrying around an animal as an accessory. Please don’t get me wrong I think it’s hilarious. I’m embarrassed to say I have 2 young girls in my family that seem to idolize Paris Hilton and each have their own Chihuahuas. However, I’m just pointing out that there is no real bid difference in carrying around a live or a dead animal to boost social status.