Behold! MAKE subscriber Mike Cook brings us the Arduinocaster -

Arduinocaster is a an Arduino based MIDI instrument modelled on a guitar sometimes called a keytar. It uses switches and LEDs to control six “strings” which are held down in guitar like chords. Triggering the strings is through an opto reflective switch for a continuous repeating strum and four touch sensitive switches for a one off sequence. There are three banks of four picking / strumming / arpeggio styles and a three octave capo. Voice change information can also be sent.


A definite departure from the familiar keytar design, the Arduinocaster was in attendance at the recent Maker Faire UK. Hmmmm … I could swear I saw this axe in an old Buck Rogers episode … or maybe it was Peter Davison-era Doctor Who? Either way – Sweet!


MIDI Library for Arduino

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Collin Cunningham

Collin Cunningham

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  • Irregular Shed

    Peter Davison-era, surely =)

    We had a go on this at Maker Faire UK. It inspired my friend no end… I pity his wife!