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  1. wonder-wheeler says:

    A 2″ radius on the corners would make it more street friendly. Wouldn’t want it to tear the skin of a wheelchair guy.

  2. Tim says:

    Doesn’t look like it could actually support a person.

  3. craig says:

    even a grade 8 bolt in that small 1/2″ size I wouldn’t trust. Urban prankster? Boom, he fell, prank’s on you, haha. Another useless idea on the blog by Becky. Isn’t she the one who put up the camera flash electric jolter? Man, she must love hurting people.

    1. Becky Stern says:

      So this prototype could use some improvement; why don’t you folks make a better one? @craig, please keep your comments about the projects; personal attacks are not tolerated under our “be nice” comment policy. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns on that:

    2. Mark Frauenfelder says:

      Craig, thanks for sharing your knowledge about the shear strength of bolts. How did you learn this? When I make things that use bolts I usually just grab one that “feels” right, but should probably be more methodical about it. If you could share any further information on the subject, I think many of our readers would appreciate it.

  4. John says:

    We kinda need more photos to see how it’s been put together. A photo of the fixings at the rear (hinge?) and to the pole would help. The 2 pics we have now make it appear very flimsy and not able to hold the weight of a person. I suspect there’s more to it though and that there’s some sort of bolted fixings we’re not seeing.

  5. Bob Almond says:

    It would be a nice idea, but in the horizontal position it’s too much like a blade at knee height (or even head height for a child), and as it would be almost invisible, especially on a busy street, I have to say this is a poor idea. There are plenty of really good seats around, many that are just ‘perches’, and made in rounded shapes. Plus it just doesn’t look strong enough.

    Sorry to be down on anyone’s idea, but please, no.

  6. Rich Watts says:

    These have been installed in some locations around NYC. They are weatherproof, very sturdy, and have safe rounded corners. I’ve even had the pleasure of sitting on one.

    We need more public seats!

  7. thinkmo says:

    I am one of the co-creators of this. It is strong enough for at least 200lbs. Yes, I agree the shape can be friendlier, with rounded corners, It was initally an idea to keep it no bigger than a letter sized sheet of paper. And yes, there have been other public chair projects. Mine is just a new take on it. Thanks for all the comments! To see more: