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Instructables user 5VOLTSGC shares with us his project for a bicycle dog walker. It keeps the dog at a distance from the wheels and pedals, and has a breakaway pin to prevent doggie-induced falls, should your pup decide to stop when you’re riding down a hill.

Becky Stern

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:

5 Responses to How-To: Bike dog walker

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  1. ehrichweiss on said:

    I can safely(or unsafely) verify that larger dogs will simply kill you in the process of chasing that squirrel or whatever. I tried something like this years ago and found that my dog(a Shar-pei) was much stronger than the grip on my tires. I can only imagine that anything larger won’t be remotely hindered.

    • Matt Mets on said:

      The instructions include using a cotter pin as a breakaway, presumably to prevent this. Think that might help?

      • ehrichweiss on said:

        It might. The problem to watch out for then would be to make sure that the leash is plenty short enough not to get caught under your tires if the dog makes a dash in front of you(which is what happened to me) but otherwise I can’t think of any issues one might face except for something causing the cotter pin to fail and that’d just require some tweaking to be certain.

  2. I am very out of shape and i can walk my pet pug dog into exhaustion easily sometimes without trying, and my pug is thin and young.

    This is a great invention for many dogs but not needed for pugs.

  3. i’ve been running my gsp lab mix with a bicycle dog walker (that i bought online – a spring type thing) and it’s been nothing but awesome. yes, your dog needs to obey and has to be taught how to behave, but what a time saver and great exercise for both of us! my boy would be crazy without his bike rides!!!

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