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We’ve covered some other innovate uses for a cdrom drive, but this one surely takes the cake! This would be a great way to teach young children about re-purposing obsolete technology. If you want to try it for yourself, here is the script (written for a Linux machine) that is used to keep opening and closing the door:

while [ 1 = 1 ]
#eject cdrom

#pull cdrom tray back in
eject -t

[via boingboing]

  • blubrick

    When I saw her hands in that position, I fully expected a QWERTY keyboard pattern to appear on her blankie.

  • Tsaavik

    while [ true ]; do
    #eject cdrom if closed, otherwise retract
    eject -T

    • Wendel

      while true; do eject -T; done

  • TALR

    I love how this code is so tiny, but does so much, It’s almost like cute code lol! I chuckle every time I see it :’)

  • suvakov


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