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  1. Tim Howland says:

    He’s not just a toy fanatic- James May is one of the co-hosts of Britain’s immensely popular “Top Gear”.

    1. For Realz says:

      A commenter on the site hosting the pictures said it best:

      “what a staggering and depressing failure of imagination to turn lego pieces into big blocks and stack them into a bigger box. totally lame.”

  2. Blaine says:

    Well… at least he won’t have to worry about painting it.

  3. John Park says:

    When we were building an addition on our house a couple of years ago we briefly considered going with our architect’s suggestion of a Lego walled shower in the master bath. I think we’d have gotten tired of it, so we bailed.

  4. anonymous says:

    I see plenty of wood in there. Lego is cool, but it doesn’t have the structural strength necessary to build a house.

    1. Tim says:

      Apparently they made a small cross-section entirely from lego which worked, but they couldn’t do a full house and film it for insurance reasons.

      They also made a bridge from mecano.

    2. Blaine says:

      I think it’s semantically correct. An entire house made from Lego. Not half a house or part of a house, but an entire house.

      Now… it’s not a house made entirely of Lego.
      But it is an entire house made of Lego.

  5. You’d think that someone who decided to do something so totally eccentric would design a more architecturally interesting house. But, no, it’s a box.

    And how does he put beams above the doors and windows? By gluing the bricks together to make a lintel? I think not. And, the foundation? Is there one?