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  • theperfumer

    I’m always afraid to try new craft projects, but these ideas – like the pixelation above – just inspire me to be brave, make a mess and make something gorgeous!

  • Jessica

    what an AWESOME idea! love this!`

  • cartucho r4 para nintendo ds

    I really enjoy this art but not satisfied with comparison with Abraham Lincolon.

  • Siannan

    LinCOLON? Good grief. It’s not like Lincoln’s name isn’t on the money, people.

  • Andrew

    Design it will glass mosaics or use paint chips – TileCreator can do that for you at

  • crafty77

    You would be interested to look at the artwork of Vasarely’s son Yvaral from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. He did this work without computer help, mixed his own colors, and handpainted the canvas. I met him in Paris in 1994. Really sweet man, very talented. He unfortunately passed away in 2002.