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  1. astrosmash says:

    Get these guys on the TED talk series!

  2. Dan Clark says:

    It would be interesting to see if the piano-speech would be more understandable if the passage were read by a native speaker, in a more recognizable accent. It is still amazing how the speech in the video is immediately recognizable when paired with subtitles, but difficult to make out sans subtitles. Our perceptions are very much influenced by our (conscious or unconscious) expectations.

  3. XsavioR says:

    This is amazing. wish i could get the video to play w/o lag

  4. Marcel says:

    You say ‘see these guys on

    I searched and could see it.

    Could you post a link?


    Fantastic project. I wonder if it’s able to process speech in realtime? and how does it handle sung lyrics?