One of my goals in the new year has been to write more “snail mail” letters to friends. As someone who spends the majority of my day in front of a computer, I really miss the tactile enjoyment of a mailed letter, and that excitement of finding something else in the mailbox besides bills and junk mail. I’ll definitely be making some of these Google Map envelopes from designer Beste Miray Dogan to send to friends.

Mapenvelop is a mailing envelope lined with an image from Google Maps. Not just any image, but a map of exactly where the letter originated.

[via @SisterDiane]

  • majeral

    What a fun Idea.. My cousin and I have started writing letter to each other. (She does not have a PC.) so we thought to renew the age old art of letter writing. I am a crafter and have rubberstamps, (4k) paper I will never use all of it up. and tons of ribbons and “stuff” to decorate with, This will be fun

  • majeral

    up too early. another thing you can make a map of were it is going TO for the outside and put a label on it as well as the inside.

  • pandas_4

    a great idea. would it be possible to post a printable template for the envelope please. perhaps one, where we could run our printed map through the printer again and print the shape or ‘cut out’? and going a bit further with the idea, a range of different envelope sizes. Very clever you guys. thanks you

  • saad

    Dear Sister Diane…!
    You present a very beautiful & interesting idea.
    Keep it up.