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If you’ve ever wished you could get an insider’s look at the daily activities of NASA Goddard’s largest clean room, you’re in luck. Web cams are now providing live coverage of work on the components of the upcoming James Web Space Telescope. The cameras snap and display one picture per minute from the pristine workspace of the clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

The advantage to the Webb-cam is that the average person doesn’t need to do a micron-type clean up and spend time donning protective gear. Anyone can sit at their computer and see what’s going on, no matter what they’re wearing.

[via @NASA_Langley]

Rachel Hobson

Rachel Hobson is a freelance craft writer and editor who is obsessed with hand embroidery and all things geektastic and funny. She has a passion for creating community through crafting. She’s also a huge space geek, and enjoys living five minutes from Houston’s Johnson Space Center where she can get her fill of rockets any time she pleases.



  1. Mike says:

    After 30 years of being a huge fan of the manned space program and NASA, I have to say I no longer see the need for the agency.

    1. rahere says:

      The development of satellite technology is self-justifying, except that there’s now so much human waste in orbit the use of a clean room may be self-defeating. Europe is starting it’s own version of NASA, and funding Galileo as a competitor to GPS, precisely because the return justifies the investment. And, heaven forbid, should we have to preempt a meteor threat…