Question: What’s got four 7-segment displays (and driver), a temperature sensor, a PWM RGB LED, and plugs into an Arduino? Why it’s the Arduino 7-Segment Shield! This is a 7-segment shield for Arduino NG/Dicimila/Duemilanove and many Freeduino boards. It has tons of cool features! Fully assembled and tested! NOTE: Does not include the Arduino board.


  • I2C 4 digits 7-segment driver
  • I2C temperature sensor
  • Blue PWR LED
  • Reset button
  • All pins breakout

With the ability to read temperature data and display it on its four digits, this could be just the shield you need to push your kegerator project over the top.

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  • K5FNI

    Seems as though this project would be much more generally applicable if you had made the temperature sensor either switchable or maybe a break-off bit of board for remote use. With it firmly ON the board and not even on the edge of it, it seems firmly tied to the kegerator and similar projects where the whole board + the “mother” board are the temperature measuring for ambient temps.

  • John Park

    Hi, I see your point. I don’t have one, so I can’t verify this, but forget you’ve still got plenty of Arduino pins to plug in your own thermocouple to extend the probe. Here’s a general discussion on the Arduino forums about it: